Notice: Since Joe was on the It's Supernatural show with Sid roth (see it at Dr. Joe with Sid Roth) we have been overwhelmed with emails.  Most of those emails have been requests for prayer.  We know all too well from our own personal experience how we reached out to anyone and everyone who had the faith to pray for others and see their prayers answered.   Our current assignment from the Lord is to help raise Christians up all over this world to be those people that others can turn to in their time of need.  Our Encouraging People Website and our YouTube Channel will be the place where we will be teaching those princlples and provide resources to people who want to minister to others.

We were truthfully unprepared to minister individually to such a large number of people who wanted us to pray for them personally.  We are trying to set up a way to make that happen and are going to do that by the grace of God.  Please be patient while we try to be obedient to our original assignment and get our systems in place to respond to your prayer requests as well. 

If you need immediate prayer you can also contact Joan Hunter Ministries online at Joan Hunter Ministries.  We have talked to Joan and she said that her team would be glad to take your requests and pray for you.

Blessings in the name of Jesus,

Dr. Joe and Heidi Wadlinger

About Dr. Joe and Heidi Wadlinger

Dr. Joe Wadlinger and his wife, Heidi, have a burning passion to bring total wholeness of body, soul, spirit and provision to the world through the true Gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ. They are both ordained ministers under Joan Hunter Ministries in Tomball, Texas, and attend Eastside Church in Charlotte, North Carolina. The Lord has given them a mission to encourage people to embrace their God-given destinies and let them know the incredible love the Father has for every one of us. As they love to declare, “We are all God’s favorites.”

They live in Charlotte, North Carolina, along with their three sons, Joey, Jonathan, and Joshua as well as Joey’s wife, Amanda, and their four daughters.

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